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31 March 2008

Lions, Tigers and Bears! Oh My!

Ok, not really, but...

When we started house-hunting in Bartlesville, we looked at some of the newer developments on the east side of town. We nearly bought a lot, but at the last minute decided we might want to look at some older homes.

Our (probably very frustrated) realtor pointed us toward the downtown area. She said living downtown was kind of the trendy thing to do in Bartlesville (like that was a bad thing) but Matt and I loved it because it felt more like living in a bigger city.

Bartlesville only has a population of about 35,000, but because of ConocoPhillips, there is an actual downtown area. With a couple of "skyscrapers" and everything.

So, we liked the idea of living in the "city" part of Bartlesville instead of the suburb part. We had a home with a lot of character in Tulsa and I hated the idea of having a house that looked just like ten others on the same street. And we are very happy with that decision and we love our house. BUT...

Even though we live downtown, to get to our house you pass by large wooded areas and it actually looks like you are headed to the country. And just this week alone, I have seen four critters that belong in the country...not in my neighborhood.

Friday, on our way home from the grocery store, a deer ran out in front of my Jeep! It was a 1/2 of a mile from my house. Then Saturday, on our way out of town, we saw two coyotes in nearly the same spot we saw the deer. Again, 1/2 a mile from our house! And then last night, I opened the front door (I think I was heading out to my car, but I honestly don't remember now), and a possum was sitting on my front step, just staring at me. Like he had rang the doorbell and was waiting on me to answer the door. And the sight of me didn't phase him at all. After, I slammed the door shut, I kept peeking out the window. He finally sauntered off a couple of minutes later.

I guess I better keep on my toes out here in the wilderness!

27 March 2008

Moving On

Tuesday started out as a great day but ended up being kind of hard for me. The weather was beautiful so Evan and I hopped in the Jeep and headed to the Tulsa Zoo. It was gorgeous and all the animals were out and very playful. Sneezy the elephant, who happens to be Evan's favorite, was really showing off and had Evan cracking up.

After we finished up at the zoo, I wanted to go by Pottery Barn Kids and pick up a few things for Evan's bathroom so we headed off to Utica Square. Ok, I have driven to Tulsa about a million (well, it seems like it) times since we moved but Tuesday, as I headed to midtown, I was just overcome with sadness that this wasn't my home anymore. As I drove around, I couldn't believe how affected I was. Maybe it was because it was the first time I didn't really have an agenda or an appointment to get to. I was just goofing off, like I used to do all of the time.

After we went to PBK, I decided to go see our old neighbor, Kaye and her "kids", especially Jayden. Right now, she has four foster kids, but only one of them from the time we lived there. Unfortunately, Jayden was one of the ones that had moved on.

It was wonderful to meet the new kids and just sit in Kaye's living room...just like old times. But once again, it was so incredibly sad being just next door to MY house and I couldn't go in. The flower beds looked beautiful and as I stood there looking, I was just so proud of all the hard work Matt and I put in that house. Because it looks FANTASTIC!

Anyway, as time goes on, this new house is really starting to feel like our home and I know now that this is the only house Evan even remembers. Not even four months have gone by, but he didn't recognize the old house at all.

I know that most people would probably say Tulsa is far from being an extraordinary city. But there are literally memories for me at every turn. For me, it is just hard to give that up.

Downtown Tulsa:

The Golden Driller:

Our beautiful church, Holy Family Cathedral:

***I don't remember exactly where I got these pictures, but thank you for capturing some of my favorite views!

26 March 2008

Our Easter

We had a wonderful Easter this year. At first we were just going to spend it at home, but Matt decided he wanted to go check on my dad (he just had knee surgery) so we ended up spending the day at my parents. But the best part for me was that we went to our old church in Tulsa for Easter Mass. I tell you I nearly cried seeing all the people I know there. After my near emotional outburst, Matt said we might start driving in every Sunday.

Last week, Aunt Clydella sent an Easter basket FULL of chocolate goodies. Evan knew it was for him and he has started bargaining with me for more of the chocolate! I didn't know they could figure out the art of negotiation at such a young age...

And of course, we didn't take any family pictures while we were all dressed up. But if it doesn't rain this afternoon, I think Evan and I will do a photoshoot so you can see how spiffy he looked.

22 March 2008

Reasons Why

With every passing stage Evan goes through, I always claim it is my new favorite. Well, {almost} twenty-two months and the same goes. Here are a few of the reasons why I love this age.

~You can ask this kid almost anything and his answer is almost always "sure". "Will you help me clean up your room?" "Sure". "Are you ready for a nap?" "Sure". I know it won't last forever, but right now it is wonderful!

~He is so affectionate. He will ask for me to pick him up and then he will just pat my face or play with my hair. So precious.

~He is a dancin' fool. If you turn music on...this boy will move.

~Coloring is his favorite pasttime. We can spend almost an hour every morning coloring. He takes it very, very seriously.

~He says the cutest things. First of all he says "please" and "thank you", and I am so proud of that. But my favorite thing he says is "sorry". He knows exactly when to say it...right after he has done something he wasn't supposed to do.

~When he picks up a ball, all I can say is watch out. He shouts "PASS" after he has already hurled it at you.

~He has definite opinions about EVERYTHING. I am convinced this is why it is called the "terrible two's". He isn't a bad kid, but he knows exactly what he wants to wear, what he wants to eat, where he wants to go and what he wants to watch and he is willing to put a fight up for it.

11 March 2008


This past weekend was my sister-in-law's wedding. But my son stole the the reception at least. The moment we walked in, he spotted the wooden dance floor and went over to check it out. A few walks around the perimeter and then he let loose. He wouldn't eat, he wouldn't do anything but dance. And when he would do the twist, he would twist his upper body and then stop. Then he would twist he lower body. Never both at the same time. Then he started breakdancing. How did he even know how to breakdance?

By the time we were ready to leave, Evan was a sweaty mess. Hair in every direction. I was so proud!!! Matt and I are both shy by nature and I always hoped my children would be less timid and more outgoing. Well after Saturday's display...I have no worries!

06 March 2008

Guess What??!!

And the little one is due August 31st!!

03 March 2008

Time flies...

Everytime I promise I will do better on the whole blogging gets worse. So no promises today :)

It has been really busy around our house lately. Since moving in almost three months ago, Matt and I have gotten busy and started hanging pictures and decorations and just putting our touch on things. It is starting to look like our home. Not just a place with our furniture in it. And I think Evan can tell the difference. You could tell the poor little guy was having a rough time adjusting for a while but no more. He is really in his element here and it is so fun to watch him take over the place.

It has been so cold and the weather has been so yucky, we really haven't gotten out to meet many people. So after thinking about it for a long time, Evan and I went and toured a Parents' Day Out program. It had been recommended by a few of Matt's patients and I was really impressed. So his first day of "school" will be on March 28. He will go half a day on Fridays. For his age, they focus on self-help and communication skills. Even though I think it will be really hard on me, I think Evan is really going to benefit from it.

And speaking of the little are a few recent pictures.

Dad's Little Helper...How did we ever make it without him?

Evan's favorite new game? Hide from Mom! And unfortunately, he is getting pretty good at it.

Wiped out after a day at Ma's.

Yes, he put that outfit together himself.

Thanks Nana for the tub crayons. Fun for Evan, fun for mom!