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21 February 2010

What Are You Talking About???

Last night, Matt was trying to tell me about one of his patients and some of the difficulties she was having. Evan was trying to interrupt but we were ignoring him just so we could finish the conversation. He might not say a word for an hour but the minute Matt and I try to have a conversation, he appears out of nowhere ready to provide his two-cents.

Finally, Evan becomes completely exasperated we are not listening to him. He runs around the coffee table and says, "I don't know what is going on!!! What are you talking about?"

He then starts in with a litany of questions, fired off in rapid succession:

"Who fell?"
"Where did she fall from?"
"Did she trip?"
"Did she get hurt?"
"What did she hurt?"
"Is she going to be ok?"
"Are you going to help her?"

Curious is good...I guess. And I just hope this post is half as funny as Evan was last night.

19 February 2010

Pants On The Ground

She looks innocent enough from the front...

but the back view?? A little risque!

And this one is just funny...

~Happy Birthday to Uncle Justin today!!!~

18 February 2010

She's On The Loose

This little girl could scoot around on this sweet little ride all day long. Scoot is actually the wrong word for it...she is a speedster.

Matt bought this Radioflyer when Evan was 18 months old but he was too big for it at the get go. But Libby fits it perfectly and loves her very own mode of transportation.

15 February 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Just take a look at this great Valentine's spread the hubby put together for Evan, Libby and me Valentine's morning. We are so, so lucky!!

Just because...

he has such a sweet face.

And also because I am mourning his hair. He decided he wanted it short again. He looks so handsome but so grown up!!! I just want him to stay little forever...

08 February 2010

Another Day...

another letter. Today, Evan drew a picture and then told me to listen carefully and write down exactly what he says on the picture. The letter was to his best friend. Here's what it said:

Dear Andrew,

I will come to your house.
I will bless you.

Your friend,

We mailed it this afternoon.

05 February 2010

A Little Late

but I just found Evan's original Christmas list. His first official petition to Saint Nick.

~ a motorcycle
~ a jet pack
~ a batmobile
~ a batcycle
~ the Scooby Doo & Batman movie
~ a lobster, fish & octopus in a bowl water

Unfortunately, Santa didn't pull through for him this year.

04 February 2010

Word For Word

Evan asked me to help him write a letter today. With no editing, here it is:

Thank you for saving the world.
You're welcome.
Dear Batman.

He has a way with words, doesn't he??

02 February 2010

It's All About the Super Heroes...Still

I went upstairs and found Evan in Libby's room. With a pair of Libby's leggings on. I didn't know which I should be more concerned about: My three and a half year old being able to wear my eighteen month old's clothes or the fact that my son wants to wear my daughter's clothes.

And this pose really got me worried...

But then he explained that both Batman and Spiderman wear very tight pants and that explained it completely...

01 February 2010

Ridin' Around

Matt bought this little trike for Evan when he was about 18 months old. But bless his heart, he grew out of it almost immediately. Libby has definitely put it to good use. She is always tooling around the house on her little bike. And she will purposely crash so she can say "OWWW!"

I just love watching her and trying to figure out what is going through her little mind. She has really started, in the last few weeks, trying to figure out ways to make you laugh. This girl puts a great amount of thought in her comedy acts. And she is always changing them up to keep you guessing what she is going to do next.