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27 June 2009

Katie's Birthday Party

Obviously, the "jewels" were the big hit of the party!!

24 June 2009


She's getting so big!!

21 June 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

We love you so, so much!!!

19 June 2009

Day of Fun

Yesterday, Evan had his first dentist appointment. He went in without a care in the world. I had been talking it up so he was actually really excited. However, I was a nervous wreck. I was so nervous he might have a cavity and I just couldn't stand the thought of a drill in my baby's mouth.

They don't recommend the parents go back with the little ones and it was so hard to watch him take off looking so grown up. There was a little window so I could peek in and this is what I saw.

He just couldn't take his eyes off the movie.

Luckily, we were cavity free and Evan had a really good experience. Obviously, I am not a fan of the dentist and I was so worried for Evan but he is actually excited to go back!!

Since we had dropped Libby off with my mom, I decided to just take the entire day and have a day of fun. Just me and Evan. Our first stop was Mardel's to pick up Larry Boy and his Larry Mobile. Evan had been wanting it for a while (he alternates between Batman and Larry Boy)and I had promised if he did well at the dentist, we would go pick it up. From there, we headed to lunch at Casa Bonita. Evan had never been before and he loved it!!!

We probably spent over an hour just playing the games. It was great to go during the week because there was only one other family there.

And this just cracked me up. As you can tell, Evan was really getting into riding the motorcycle and I was just taking some pictures of him enjoying himself. I then noticed he had never gotten past the starting point. So funny!!

I can't figure out how to flip the video so it is kind of hard to see. Sorry!

14 June 2009

Yesterday, we got to meet up with one of my favorite people in the world, Tol. We went out to eat at El Gaupo's and then went to listen to a couple of bands. Such a great time and it was wonderful to catch up with Tol.

And Tol ever so graciously took a picture of Matt and I. I really didn't have a good picture of the two of us that wasn't at least two years old!!

09 June 2009

Sneaky Girl

Hmmm, Big Brother is at school.

Maybe it would be okay for me to play in there today.

Here I go...

I am in!

Mission Accomplished!

08 June 2009

Slip N Slide

Evan slippin' and slidin'

And here's Sassy trying it out...


I'm finished!!

07 June 2009

Water Park Fun

This weekend, we drove up to Independence, Kansas (only about a 40 minute drive) and went to their community water park. It was only $3 a person and we really had a great time. It is a small water park...which is great when you have small children. It has a lazy river and a wave pool and even a play area for the little ones with small slides and sprinklers. However, as you can see, we were pretty happy at the kiddie pool. Later in the day, with Evan's encouragement, Matt attempted a couple of the bigger slides and really paid for it the next day. Ha!

01 June 2009

Just Enjoying the First Day of June

UPDATE: I just asked Evan what he was doing in that third picture. At first, he said, "I don't know." But then he said, "Oh, I know...I was doing thumbs-up!"
Ah ha!!

What is this??

and then Batman shows up!!