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09 December 2010

Christmas Greetings

What is one of one of my absolute favorite parts of the holidays?? The CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! I love getting them and I love sending them. For a girl who could spend hours and hours looking at fonts and papers, selecting the perfect card is my idea of heaven (although, poor Matt considers it torture)! I was really hoping to get some photos to use for our holiday cards while we were at Woolaroc but those three pictures were all I got. So I think I will be using some that everyone has already seen but at least they are good pictures...which is hard to come by when you are dealing with a four and a two year old.

This year Shutterfly is offering free Christmas cards to bloggers...and I have been spending too much time studying all of the fabulous options.

Even though I am on Shutterfly weekly for photo storage, it has probably been years since I even looked at their card selection. For some reason, I thought they only offered the cards that are printed on glossy photo paper. I knew they had some great options but I don't really care for that style when it comes to holiday cards. I much prefer using matte stock paper. So guess what I found? Shutterfly now has a stationary line and it is printed on heavy cardstock and there is no gloss to be found. And there are 382 cards to choose from!!!

Take a peek:

I can not wait for you all to get our Christmas card in the mail this year!!

I not only use Shutterfly to photo share, I also use them for our photo books. Check out our latest here:

Click here to view this photo book larger

05 December 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!

We are finally getting into the holiday spirit here at the Hathaway's! We have the tree up and (most) of the lights up outside. And a trip to Woolaroc to see those lights and have a visit with Santa helped Evan to go from being ho-hum to HO! HO! HO!

It is hard to believe how terrified Evan used to be of Santa. Now he acts as if they are old buddies and he just chats him up. And tonight, he hit him up for all kinds of safety gear. Hard hats, goggles and some other essential equipment I am fairly certain he made up. However, since this is the first time it was mentioned, I don't think Santa is going to be able to pull off the request.

Libby wants absolutely nothing to do with the man. I was hoping she would kind of "get it" this year...but she is loving all of the other Christmas fun. Especially the lights, the goodies and the nutcrackers.

A trip to Woolaroc wouldn't be complete without a stop at the petting zoo and it was by far the kids' favorite part. There is a new baby donkey and both Evan and Libby were smitten. Poor momma was getting jealous so we tried to make sure she got lots of love pats too!