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31 March 2009

Happy Birthday to Dad!

Today is Matt's 34th birthday. The minute I told Evan we had a birthday celebrate, he announced that it MUST be a Batman birthday. So yesterday, we headed into Tulsa to pick up the cake and party supplies. I told Evan to not tell his Daddy about his party. I didn't have high hopes but I wanted to see if he could pull off a little surprise.

As soon as Matt pulled into the driveway, Evan asks, "Did we get you a cookie? Nooooo. Did we get you candy? Noooo. Did we get you a cake? Yesssssss!!"

The next morning (because Evan just could not wait), we sang "Happy Birthday" and had a small piece of cake. After Matt had left for work, Evan was very concerned because we had forgotten to surprise Dad. I reminded of the party we had had just an hour before. His reply? "But nobody said 'boo'!"

Happy Birthday to the best husband and dad in the world. We love you! Oh and BOO!!

29 March 2009

Spring Snow

Libby and I decided to sit it out but here are some pictures of the little man enjoying the March snow...

28 March 2009

A Lesson in Humility

This is what Evan wore to Lowe's with Dad in the morning...

He wore the same thing to Walmart later that night...he just added sunglasses.

20 March 2009

This Just Says It All...

I know it is kind of hard to understand, so here is the dialogue...

Evan: I love Libby so much!
Mom: You love who?
Evan: Libby! So much!
Mom: Oh! You're a good big brother!
Evan: Yeah!

This just demonstrates how crazy Evan is about his little sister. And he is always like this when it comes to Libby. He has never shown any jealousy or resentment towards her. He is constantly loving on her and if she cries, he is usually the first to attend to her. Evan helps feed her, points out things that may interest her and will actually share most of his toys with her.

In return, Libby just adores Evan. She just rolls with laughter when he pays attention to her and you can tell how excited she is when he starts playing with her.

I have said it before, but Matt and I are so, so blessed. These kids are amazing!

Just Hangin' in the Crib

For some reason (actually, it may due to the fact that a plague of sickness has descended upon our house and we are going stir crazy!), Evan and Libby have decided they love to play in Libby's crib. They will sit in there and just play and crack each other up. I am enjoying it also because it gives me a chance to just SIT! So this is what we did yesterday morning...

And this is from this morning...

I am so blessed that they love one another and love to play with each other. Libby's eyes just light up when Evan walks into the room and Evan's most important job right now is to make Libby laugh. I may be partial but I think they are the greatest kids ever!!

14 March 2009


Libby is loving hats right now. She loves to wear them and she loves to play with them. It is just so cute!!

13 March 2009

Floor Time

Just a few pictures of Libby playing with her toys. She is sitting up really well and can really scoot to get what she wants. Occasionally she will get in the crawl position, but then she just collapses from all of the effort.

12 March 2009

From One Day to the Next

Well, on Monday, Evan, Libby and I headed to the zoo. It is such a great way to spend the afternoon and it was a beautiful day. It was my first time to take the kids by myself and we did great. Libby does a fantastic job in her stroller...she just loves hanging out and watching everything pass by.

But on Tuesday, Evan woke up with a fever of 103.3. Libby was acting fussier than normal also so we headed to Dr. Daley's office. Both of them had strep throat!! The next couple of days looked something like this:

Evan totally engrossed in the television...

and Evan letting me know just how miserable he was.

Poor kiddos!!

11 March 2009

Down South

Last week, Matt had a continuing education course in the Dallas area so the kids and I decided to tag along.

Unfortunately, the first night we were in town, Evan had a bit of a stomach bug but after a VERY long nap on the second day, he seemed to be back to his usual self. I feel that it is important to note that the number of times I have been thrown up on has now doubled. Why, oh why do my kids prefer me as their target than say, oh, anything else??

So while Matt was in class, we did some shopping (Ikea!) and catching up with old friends (hi Carmen, Michael O' and all of Dainyell's crew!). We took Evan out to eat at the Rainforest Cafe and to end our trip, we stayed at the Great Wolf Lodge. I was a little worried there wouldn't be much for Evan to do, but he LOVED it. And Libby truly seemed to enjoy it just as much as big brother. We can't wait to go back.

This was actually after our time at the water park. Can you tell they all are exhausted?

A sweet lady offered to take a family picture for us.

Doesn't Miss Libby look sassy in her little swimsuit?

Evan had a blast playing in the wave pool, just running around.

Evan loved shooting at everyone but refused to actually sit on the "wave runner".

Another one of of my handsome little fella ...

and the cutie patootie.