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28 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Well as I sat down to write about our Thanksgiving, I realized that we took six pictures. Six!! So the pictures are not a very good indicator of the day we had (but at least they are really great pictures!).

We headed to OKC on Thanksgiving morning to have lunch at Kent and Emily's beautiful new house. Matt's entire family were there this year. And I was thrilled to see Amie, Taylor and Baby Jackson. Even though we live the closest to them, we hardly ever get to see them.

The food was great and we all had a great time getting to visit. Evan loved playing with Taylor and Papa Ken and talked about it for days. And Libby was very interested in every move Anya made.

We also did part of our Christmas early. All of the gifts were great and the kiddos loved them. Evan has been living in his Ninja suit and Bat Mobile and Libby loves her Winnie the Pooh phone and has been cooking up a storm with her new "food". And I love her new OSU onsie from Grandma Brenda and Papa Ken.

But only one toy caused the first big sibling rivalry in our household. Katherine and Ryan got Evan a Woody doll. And Libby wanted it. She wanted it bad. They would stand and each tug on his arm and just scream bloody murder. I put it away but of course that really wasn't fair to Evan. He should get to play with his new toy even if his sister wants it. And I think she was playing up the whole baby thing, pretending that she didn't understand her strict orders that Woody was off limits.

I finally broke down after a couple of days and went to Walmart and bought her her very own Woody. It looks just a little different but that ended up being a good thing because we have been able to keep track of possession, which is extremely important to a certain three year old that lives here.

It was a really fun day and it was also a little glimpse of the future.

And now for the only three good pictures of the day...

Little Miss Anya

Evan and Libby with Great Grandpa Beach

Evan and Libby with Great Grandma Beach

These pictures with Matt's grandparents are so, so important to Matt. I am so glad my kids have the opportunity to know some of their great grandparents. I never knew any of mine so I feel like Evan and Libby are so blessed to know three of their great grandparents.

27 November 2009

It is the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Especially for the Hathaway men! Nothing gets Matt more motivated than a tree to put up and lights to make our house outshine every other house in the neighborhood!

18 November 2009

Just another day...

we just had a friend join us today!

13 November 2009

Getting In On The Act

Mom picked up a Spidergirl costume after Halloween for Libby. It is a size 2T so I wasn't even going to get it out of the bag. But after Evan saw it...he insisted. I am glad he did, not only because it fits, but because Libby loves playing dress up too! It doesn't hurt that the skirt has sparkles!!

Look at that adoring gaze at big it!!!

12 November 2009

Showing Us The Moves

How did I miss these gems??? A couple more pictures from Evan's leaves festival...

11 November 2009

He Must Be A Clone!

If you know Matt at all, you know that he can make himself comfortable just about anywhere. And it isn't unusual at all for him to fall asleep if he is really comfortable. At every family gathering, you will end up finding him sprawled out in a recliner...sound asleep.

And if you know Matt, you also know that if you startle Matt while he is comfortably resting, he will pretty much jump to his feet and say "What's going on?" Every. Single. Time.

I used to think it was a bit of an act. But not anymore.

Tonight, Matt and Evan did couch time and both of them passed out before the cartoon was even over. I went over to pick Evan up. He startled, arms and legs shooting straight out. And you know what he said??

"What's going on???"

Soaking It Up...

We haven't been the best about taking pictures of our first "children" since the other two were born...but we sure are trying to now!

10 November 2009

Can't Say No

With all of Evan's allergy problems, we KNOW we shouldn't let him play in the leaves. But when all of the other kids are out having the time of their can we not??

Where is he??

There is Spiderman!!

Surveying the area...

Using his webs to scale the tree...

Taking a break to enjoy the day...

09 November 2009

Another Day At The Park

We go to the park. We go to the park ALL. THE. TIME. There isn't a ton to do here in Bartlesville and it is really easy to swing by after picking up the kids from preschool. However, today was a little different. It was the first day Libby seemed to love being there. We were the only ones there so that may have been the difference. But it was fun to see her so excited and exploring. And it was great to see Evan really taking on the big brother role and showing her the ropes.

I tell you I am so, so sad this is our last year of {almost} complete freedom. Next year, my little guy will be in pre-K and will have school every morning. It makes me tear up just thinking about it.

And one of the reasons I am just heartbroken is that I may not capture all of Evan's precious moments. And I tell you...this is a doozie!

Unfortunately, I filmed it wrong again. But it is the dialogue that is so funny anyway.

Here is what he is saying:

Please could you give me peace?
(Quietly)Thank you God for peace.
(Loudly)GIVE ME!!

07 November 2009

Girls' Day Out

In preparation for pre-K, we decided to enroll Evan in Friday morning preschool. We just thought it would be a rude awakening to go from 2 days a week to five. And considering Evan's resistance to change...the sooner we start the adjustment period, the better.

Friday's are only two and a half hours long, so I decided that during that two and a half hours, my time will be devoted solely to Libby. No cleaning, no computer, no phone and no errands. Just play time since the poor girl missed out on being an only child...even for a brief period.

Here she is when she found out it was Girls' Day:

Practicing some mother-daughter bonding time.

Trying to shake

Completely engrossed in the floating box that appears on Sirius:

Exhausted after a long, but fun, morning:

01 November 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

This Halloween was just the greatest!!! It was everything Halloween should be. Dressing up, going from house to house and getting lots and lots of candy. We love Halloween around here and it just isn't the same to go to the mall or during the middle of the afternoon.

So, our wonderful friends, the Scheland's, invited us over for dinner and trick or treating. Jennifer had heard her neighborhood was THE place to be on the 31st. And it was. There were hundreds of kids, no traffic and lots of friendly people. Evan had a great time and it sealed the deal that Halloween is definitely worth the wait.

The whole gang:

The Caped Crusader and Girl Wonder

Trying to get into her loot: