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11 August 2010

First Day of School...Sniff, Sniff

I was so proud of my little guy. He went in and just was so confident and ready to start his day. No tears!! Me? I bawled the entire way home.

05 August 2010

Another Birthday Celebration!

For Libby's big day, we headed to Tulsa for lunch at Hideaway and some fun at BounceU. Some of our favorite friends joined us for some pizza, cookies and a few presents...

All of the celebrating wore the birthday girl out and she slept right through our trip to BounceU...not very good planning on this mom's part!

04 August 2010

A Birthday Party

We continued Libby's birthday celebrations at home with a small party. This momma feels some major, major guilt over the lack of a party (you know, the kind Evan has always has) but Libby had a great time and didn't seem to miss anything at all.

I think these pictures give a very clear glimpse of this two year old's personality. She was determined to wear those Thomas the Train pj's and nothing was changing her mind.

01 August 2010