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30 October 2008

Just like Dad, Part II

Two more examples of how Evan wants to be just like his daddy...

I don't know if you can really see it, but Evan had to put his jacket over the chair right on top of Matt's jacket. I tried to put it on the coat rack, but no, it had to be on the chair, the same chair, as Dad's.

Matt will probably kill me for this one. But it is too sweet not to share! Evan came downstairs after his bath in his cute little PJs. As soon as he saw that Matt was shirtless and in the recliner, his shirt had to come off and he was ready to relax too.

27 October 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Last week, we took Evan and Libby on a trip to the pumpkin patch. When we first pulled up, I have to admit I was a little underwhelmed. It didn't look like it could compare to the patch we took Evan to last year. But we ended up having a great time and Evan has asked to go back every day since.

Taking a hayride (even though he doesn't look to sure about it, he loved it!)...

Dad and Libby...

Mom and Libby...

Jumping in the giant pumpkin...

Going to the pumpkin patch...

Picking out a pumpkin...

Riding back...


I can not believe it but Miss Libby is 12 weeks old today! So to celebrate this special day, I thought I would post some random facts about our little sweetie.

Libby is a girl who likes a schedule. Already, she takes a nap everyday at 1 pm and goes to bed around 9 pm. If I try to alter this schedule, she becomes a VERY fussy baby!
Libby loves her baths!
Libby never cries at night to wake me up. At first, she used to grunt and wiggle. Now, she coos and kicks. It definitely makes it easier to get up in the middle of the night to take care of a happy baby!
One more thing about her night time routine. Libby usually sleeps about five hours before waking up to eat the first time. She then eats at 5 am, goes right back to sleep and then wakes up around 8 am. It really doesn't get much easier than that!
At first, Libby wouldn't let me put her down unless she was asleep. However, now she likes her swing and her bouncy seat as long as I don't leave her too long.
Libby loves for you to talk to her! She just smiles and chatters right back.
Libby has had the hiccups at least two times a day every day of her life.
Libby quit taking a pacifier about two weeks ago...yay!
This girl loves to be swaddled.
Libby loves to hang out on her play mat and look at her musical star.
Libby has slept in her crib only two times. She starts out in her bassinet every night and then sleeps with me the rest of the night.
When she does sleep...Libby sleeps with her mouth open. And the second she frees her arms from her swaddling, she sticks them straight up above her head.
How can I put this delicately? Libby makes some very un-lady-like noises, which leads me to...
One of the hardest parts about being Libby's mom...this baby can not tolerate chocolate. I sneak in little bites occasionally (I hate to admit this but it is usually because I forget) but for the most part, this is one chocoholic that is being forced to deal with her addiction!
My baby does not like to shop! Every time I have taken her into a shop (any kind of shop), she screams like a banshee!
Libby is very hot-natured and would prefer to go clothes-free most of the time. For a couple of days she was so fussy, I just knew she had colic. Turns out, she just needed the a/c cranked down and a layer of clothes removed!

So, that is our Libby. In a nutshell. We are so blessed to be able to say she is ours!

{{Except reading those last three over makes me wonder how she can really be related to me!!!}}

24 October 2008


More things that this kid says that just cracks me up:

"Don't worry, Mom. Larry Boy will help us!"
When asked if he was ok, he replies, "No, Mom. I am not."
Last week, we stayed the night at Gramma's house. The room we stay in has two twin beds and usually, I sleep in one and Evan sleeps in the other. Well, since Libby was going to sleep with me, Evan decided he was sleeping with me also. As soon as he fell asleep though, I moved over to the other bed. About an hour later, Evan woke up and exclaimed, "What happened??" He then said, "Don't worry, Mom. I'll just move over to your bed."
"Mom, can you hear me?"
Giving Libby a kiss, he says "Awww, he's cute."

21 October 2008


A slideshow of our trip to OKC:


Saturday night, we met up with the Pittser's and went to the Kiddie Park for some Halloween fun! After a lot of persuasion (and some threats), Evan put on his firefighter* costume and we headed out. Libby didn't actually dress up but she wore an adorable Halloween onesie, courtesy of Grandma Brenda and Papa Ken.
Evan and Libby with Gramma:

A rebellious firefighter:

Evan and his friend Elaina:

A spin on the monster trucks:

Yes, he is actually posing:

*Matt and I realize Evan was a firefighter last year also. However, Evan doesn't remember being a firefighter and the costume still fit after taking out alterationgs Gramma made last year.

12 October 2008

All About the Miss

Libby had her two-month check up last week and she is just perfect. She now weighs 11 lbs and is 22 inches. Her hips, which were of some concern since she was breech, are exactly where they should no problems at all. Just a healthy, happy and little bit chunky baby!

This week she has really turned on the personality. She is smiling and cooing all of the time. And if you talk to her, she will definitely "talk" back.

Here are a few pictures of my little cutie:

09 October 2008

Let's Play

Tonight, Evan came up to me and informed me that he was Diego and that I was Alicia (from the cartoon Go Diego Go). And after a few moments, he decided that Libby could be Boots (which is actually from the cartoon Dora the Explorer).

He then climbed to the top of the stairs and starts yelling, "Alicia, Alicia! Rescue me, Alicia, rescue me."

When I informed him that Alicia rescues animals, he started yelling, "Alicia, rescue Baby Jaguar. And me!"

I have to remind myself that he is only two.

07 October 2008

My Boys

Fun in OKC

This past weekend we had a little getaway to Oklahoma City. It was a weekend all about Evan but we all really had a good time!

Friday, we met Matt's parents at the Oklahoma City Zoo. This zoo has a lot of different animals than the Tulsa Zoo, including gorillas and hippos, which are two of Evan's favorites. However, I think my favorite part of the day was Evan announcing "Come on kids! Follow me!" to his parents and grandparents. He is just too cute sometimes!

Saturday, we headed out to the Oklahoma Railway Museum for a Day Out With Thomas . The look on Evan's face when he saw the Thomas was just priceless. We took a 25 minute train road (which unfortunately took us through the ghettos of OKC) and then spent the rest of the morning doing all of the fun activities (train tables, Jupiter Jump and golf).

Evan had a great time at the hotel. He was allowed to jump on the bed and got to go swimming with Dad.

We got to hang out with some of our favorite friends, the Valdez's. They made an excellent dinner for us Saturday night. And Emily and Ethan wore Evan out...thank you guys!

And then on Sunday, we met Uncle Justin and Aunt Feather (Evan's new name for Heather) at the Cheesecake Factory and then we headed out to the Omniplex. I guess it is actually called Oklahoma Science Museum now but it will always be Omniplex to me. Neither Matt or I hadn't been there in years so we weren't really sure how much Evan would be interested in. Well, he loved it and had to check every exhibit out. I can't wait to go was so much fun to see all of it through a two year old's eyes.

**I just had to add this picture to prove that Libby was there!**