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28 April 2009

Telling It Like It Is

Evan is just enamored with his sister. But quite frankly, Libby is a persnickety little thing and she has to want your attention or she just throws a full out fit for you bothering her. Evan is NEVER mean to her but he definitely struggles with giving her enough space and I have hated to do it, but we have resorted to time outs and loss of privileges when he just won't leave Libby alone.

Today, I think he could sense a admonishment coming on because suddenly, he looks right at me and announces, "I do not want to go to time out. I do not want to do rest time. I do want to do couch time. And I do want to watch the television. Hmmm."

Wow! I guess he told me!

25 April 2009


Now this is a girl who just loves to be outside.

If she is fussy...a few minutes outside is all she needs to cure her blues.

And while we are focusing on Miss Priss...isn't she just becoming quite the chunk??? So cute with all of her little rolls.

And a big thanks to this post's photographer, Evan. He is really getting good y'all!!

22 April 2009

Musing From A Spring Day

Hmmm...what are these?

I think these may be worthy of a closer look.

Very interesting. But I wonder what I am supposed to do with these?

Aha! I know...

19 April 2009

Can you tell...

this girl loves to eat??

16 April 2009

A Good Fixer

This morning as I was getting Evan ready for school, I had to work especially hard on a stubborn cowlick. When I finally wrestled it down, Evan said, "Thanks Mom. You sure a good fixer. But Dad can fix anything!"

So, so sweet!

13 April 2009

How's That?

I tell you, I have a little guy just melts my heart. Today, while asking for some television time, he ended his proposition with a "How's that, Mom? Is that a good idea?" How can you can you say no to that??

10 April 2009

Catasrophe Diversion

Ok...I probably should not have let my two year old watch this, but he adores Paula Deen and I knew he would think it was funny. We watched it several times and each viewing ended with Evan absolutely cracking up.

Fast forward a couple of days, I shopping, looking for a belt for Evan to wear with his Easter outfit. I finally found one for his little waist and when I got home, I had him try it on. His response? "Thank you so much Mom! Now my pants won't fall down like Paula Deen's!"

It is now a non-negotiable addition to his wardrobe. And I think it is a precious insight into his mind. I was trying to help him look spiffy but he was thanking me from saving him from a potential embarrassment.

07 April 2009

Meeting Baby Anya

So excited to finally meet the newest Hathaway...

06 April 2009

A Little Bit about the Little Miss

I can not believe it but today Libby is eight months old. It just seems as though she is growing up way too fast! She is sitting up like a pro and just loves to sit on the floor and play with her basket of toys.

Occasionally she gets a little bold and tries to crawl into her basket but it usually ends up with a fit of frustration. She definitely has the crawl stance mastered but just hasn't figured out how to make everything move in sync. But she is definitely this close to becoming a full-fledged crawler!

It has been so fun watching her little personality develop. She is such a good baby and is really pretty content most of the time. She is laughing all of the time now and Evan is still her favorite source of entertainment. She is sleeping all night (she goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up between 7 and 7:30am.

Libby is LOVING to eat. And I really have to watch her around food. This morning, she swiped Evan's cinnamon toast and stuffed the entire triangle in her mouth!! I actually haven't found anything she will turn away. She loves bananas, avocados, sweet potatoes, yogurt (especially apple!) and toast dipped in applesauce.

This week, she has started to take most of her milk by bottle. I had the feeling I was no longer producing enough milk and this week, my suspicions were confirmed. However, Libby has transitioned wonderfully to the bottle and I really think Dad enjoys getting to feed her and spend that time with her.

And speaking of Dad...Libby is completely a Daddy's girl. The minute he get home from work, she twist around to see him and isn't content until he takes her. And most days, she refuses to come to me for an hour or two. And Evan is still her favorite source of entertainment. As a reward for her attentiveness, he just loves on her and speaks so sweetly to his "Libby Lou". When she wakes up, he loves to run into her room and say "good morning, sunshine" no matter what time of day it is. She learned early how to secure her "princess" position with the boys of the house. Ha! She even has the princess wave down!

Aw, come on Mom...

your teasing me!

This is Evan's response to EVERYTHING these days. Including when I threaten to take away toys when he is being mean to his sister, when I tell him we are all out of strawberry Crush (his absolute favorite) and it is time to take a nap.

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