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31 January 2008

Snow Day!!

This is what I woke up to this morning...

Just beautiful.

15 January 2008

Over My Head

Ahhh! I keep thinking I will be frequent and timely such luck. So much has happened lately and I always think "that would be an interesting post",but then something else happens and nothing gets posted.

First off, I believe this house may be the end of me. I know we didn't get a money pit...but we have sure had some rough luck. I can not get the upstairs heat pump to work right. I am thinking maybe Oklahoma just has too cold of winter for a heat pump to be effective. We don't get a lot of weather below freezing but when we do...our upstairs is no more pleasant than the great outdoors.

And then last week...the doozie. I will spare the details but the toilet in Evan's bathroom (on the second level) overflowed. As soon as I noticed, Evan and I raced to the basement trying to find the plunger. No luck. As I headed back through the basement, I noticed water leaking in the basement bathroom. Two stories beneath the original problem. And then when I went back up through the kitchen, well, it looked like a torrential rain fall. There are about 15 flood lights in the kitchen and water was pouring through all of them. I finally figured out how to turn off the water, Matt was able to leave work and we had the entire mess cleaned up in within an hour. I am just praying it was a one off and not an indictator of a bigger problem.

01 January 2008

It has been so long since I last posted, I don't even know where to begin. And honestly, I really don't have time to post now. But I uploaded some photos and it reminded me to start writing. So I am probably going to post several times about different random events. And they most likely won't be in order.

Anyway, the picture that reminded me.

It sounds sad but I had just been waiting for the day Evan and I ended up in the ER. He is all boy and I knew it was just a matter of time before he required stitches or broke a bone or something. It happened the day before we moved. He was running through the house, missed the one step in the entire house and split his chin open. And I have to say, now that it has happened, I can breathe a little easier!