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30 May 2009

Poor, Poor Libby!

This poor girl has had a pretty tough time lately. I know she looks pretty happy, but in this picture, she has a low grade fever and unfortunately went downhill for the little one from there. She woke up last Monday with a fever of 99. This has been kind of common for her since she is teething so I didn't think much of it. I knew she didn't feel good though and we were just cuddling her and loading her up on Tylenol. However, the fever kept creeping up through the day. When she woke up from her nap, it was 103 and by the time I drove her to Tulsa to go to Urgent Care, it was almost 105!!!

The first thing they did was try to administer Motrin, which she promptly threw up all over me (for those of you counting, this is, in fact, the ninth time I have been yakked on in public!). After administering an enema of Tylenol, they did some x-rays but couldn't find anything. Her ear was a little red but not really enough to be considered infected. They gave her some amoxicillin and sent us back home.

However, the next day we had to go back to our pediatrician because her fever kept spiking. Blood work (which it never dawned on me that they should have done this at the Urgent Care) showed that her white blood cell count was almost 25,000. It should be right at 10,000!! Obviously, she didn't respond to the amoxicillin at all. A strong injection of antibiotics followed up by an oral dose, confinment from the outside world and a few more blood tests...I think Baby Libby is finally feeling better.

It is so frustrating to not know what caused her to feel so bad, and if you know me, then you know I WANT answers!! But now, Matt and I are just feeling very blessed that she is better and back to her sassy self!

26 May 2009

Something Tells Me

the real Batman doesn't have bad hair days!!

25 May 2009

OH NO!!!

It's the choco-monster!!

24 May 2009

More Memorial Day Fun

Today, my friend Cindy and her little girl Lily came up to visit. I have to say at first I was afraid Evan was just going to take things over...Lily was just being so quiet. But it didn't take long before Lily was showing Evan who was boss. So cute!!

New and Improved

Our new red door...I LOVE IT!!!

23 May 2009

Party at Aunt Clydella's

Evan is a very lucky little boy and gets a second birthday at Aunt Clydella's house! He was so excited and is wondering when the next birthday party will be!

Waiting on the cake...


Aunt Clydella and Phillip

Dad and Libby

Aunt Clydella and the kiddos

Come on Pa! That's not exactly what I would call a smile...

22 May 2009

What We Do...

Every day, after the kiddos wake up from their afternoon naps, this is what we are doing. Hanging out on a blanket in the front yard. It is the only way to keep the Princess happy.

20 May 2009

Just Hangin'

in my new ride...

18 May 2009

TuTu Cute!!

Thanks April for snapping this pic!

17 May 2009

More Party Pics

My friend, Annalisa, took some great pictures of the party so I decided to give them their own post. So here are a ton more...

16 May 2009

The Party

Be prepared for lotsa, lotsa pictures...just some of my favorites!!