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10 October 2007

Back to Normal

Whatever that means! Last week was a little crazy. Evan started acting real whiny and clingy...not at all like his usual self. Then he started running a temperature so I took him to the dr. I thought it was probably an ear infection, since he had no other symptoms (like a runny nose or cough). Well, his ears were fine but it turned out he had pneumonia. It was so weird! I always thought pneumonia was the result of a cold but obviously that isn't the case. I have to say though, I was really glad that was "all" that was wrong. They ran so many tests...I was expecting something worse.

Evan is feeling much better now and yesterday we ventured out to the zoo. We have been at least a dozen times before, but this was the first time since June. And for some reason, he decided to test out a few new words there. He said "raffe" for giraffe, "eat" when he saw the elephants eating, and said "straw" when he wanted a drink. He is starting to talk more and more everyday and I am figuring out more and more of what he is saying.

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