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08 April 2008

Second (Unofficial and Official) Days of School

Evan's second day of school was just a drop in visit to get his official school picture taken. Sounds easy enough, huh?

Well, it was a disaster. He decided from the moment we walked in that he was not interested and decided to use some new techniques to show me. He had a full-fledged temper tantrum...kicking, screaming, crying, hitting. The works.

I was mortified. He has thrown mini-fits before but nothing like this and never in public. I felt all of the other moms migrating down the hall...making sure their kids were not influenced by my heathen. It was so embarrassing but humbling. It also reinforced my decision to place him in a school setting, which I had been doubting. I really feel as though he needs the influence of other adults...not just me.

And that decision was further reinforced Friday on his REAL second day of school. Of course, Evan cried when I left. But when I got his daily progress said he was cheerful and very helpful. Miss Terra told me that he cried about three minutes. He then stated, "I done. Let's play." That's my boy!!

07 April 2008

A Year Older...

Happy (late) Birthday to my wonderful hubby!!! This is the post I feel so bad about...I hate that it is so late. I had this big wonderful post thought up and then I just ran out of time. Oh well...I can't get him to read this blog anyway!

For his birthday, I wanted to get him a cake and some balloons to drop off at his work. I had wanted to pick up a cake from our favorite bakery in Tulsa but that would have ruined the surprise, so I settled for a grocery store cake (which wasn't bad, but definitely no Merritt's!).

It was a rainy morning so Evan and I hung around the house until 10:30 am and then headed off. It was bright and sunny when we walked into WalMart. However, after picking up the cake, plates, napkins, balloons and birthday cards and checking out, I noticed a huge mob at the front doors. It was pouring! Raining so couldn't see any of the cars. Since it was already 11 am, I decided we would just eat lunch at the McDonald's (even though we had planned to eat with Matt). An hour later, it was still a torrential downpour. Evan was completely antsy and I was too so we just made a run for it, with Evan yelling the entire way "Yucky rain!!"

Needless to say, when we got to the car, we were both soaked to skin and the balloons were destroyed. And as soon as I got us both in the car and the heater cranked up...the rain turned into a sprinkle. I could not believe it.

But Matt (and all of his patients) got a huge laugh at the site of Evan and I, looking like drowned river rats. So even though things didn't turn out exactly as I had planned, I think Matt enjoyed the modified surprise even more!

Later that evening, my parents came up and we went out to Montana Mike's for dinner...which was our first visit there and it was delicious.

So happy birthday to the most wonderful husband and dad in the world...we LOVE you!

Evan Grows Up (and Elmo and Matt too!)

Saturday, our little family headed into Tulsa to take Evan to Sesame Street Live and to celebrate (early) Matt's 33rd birthday.

Evan was in awe at the show. For the first ten minutes, he sat there with his eyes and mouth opened was so cute. He sat so still and just watched so intently. He didn't really participate but Elmo definitely had Evan's full attention.

And for a nearly two year old, I thought Evan did a great job of sitting through the hour and an half show. He only got antsy the last 15 minutes and honestly, he NEVER watches Sesame Street at home. He likes Elmo but not enough to give up fifteen minutes of his day to watch him.

Afterwards, we headed out to eat and then to the mall to pick out Matt's birthday present. For some reason, Matt really wanted a new watch (even though he already has about five or six...) Who knows? His other choice was a new convection oven. It just goes to show that his "cooking" skills only extend to frozen pizzas and chicken pot pies!

First Day of School

Geez I am so behind on blogging and so much has happened in the past week. I am going to attempt to catch up today.

First of all...Evan had his first day of school. I hung around for about 25 minutes (the teacher's suggestion) while all of the kids arrived and let Evan explore and get somewhat comfortable in the classroom.

However, I had to pry the kid off of me when I left and he was just screaming when I left. It was definitely one of the hardest things I have ever done as a mother and believe me, when I was sitting out in my car, I was wondering if I had done the right thing. I mean, he isn't even two yet.

They called me about 20 minutes later to let me know he was no longer crying and when I picked him up, he was a little clingy but seemed okay. And when I asked him, "Who had fun at school today?", the little guy proudly raised his hand...