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29 April 2010

A Visit

Aunt Clydella paid us a visit and we probably wore her out! We were so busy!!

We celebrated Christmas...

We celebrated birthdays...

And what kind of party would it be if Libby didn't sneak some cake? She had her eye on big brother's cake all evening. As soon as we looked the other way...

However, her little act of thievery didn't turn out so well...

It turns out the poor girl is allergic to red dye!!! Just look at those hives. And it ended with an unscheduled visit to Dr. Daley.

We also drug Aunt Clydella to a day at the zoo and to our family photo shoot in Tulsa. We had a lot to do those few days...but it was lots of fun to show Clydella life with those Hathaways!

27 April 2010

Only Evan

would think this is the way he should now pose for pictures!

I say "Say cheese" and this is what I get??!!

This Little Guy

thinks he is too cool...

And of course, Libby tries to one up Evan...

23 April 2010

Just Hangin' Out...

And I love when they can do their hanging out together!!

18 April 2010

As usual...

This is how Libby spends a large portion of her day...trying to get in the pantry.

Thanks to Evan for taking these wonderful pictures!!

16 April 2010

Evan's World

Another peek into Evan's little mind...

10 April 2010

I Can't Blame Her

Today I caught Libby trying to get into the Nutella...

and guess what? She succeeded!!

08 April 2010

At It Again

I love when I upload my camera and I get a surprise. Evan takes over the camera and give me a little glimpse of his world. And I have to say his photography skills have really improved. At least most of the time.

06 April 2010


Evan wanted me to share a picture of his Easter goodies!!

Easter Sunday

This year Easter was just such a wonderful day! We prepared by reading the story of Holy Week. Even though Evan doesn't quite grasp the Lord's resurrection...he understood the importance of the day. And both Evan and Libby seemed to know how special the day is by displaying excellent behavior. And all Evan could talk about for days was the blessing by Father Archie sprinkling the congregation. He LOVED it!!

After church, Pa, Nana and Grandma headed north for Easter dinner. Afterward we had an Easter egg hunt in the back yard. Evan loved dying the Easter eggs and was very serious about tracking down all of the eggs. And he enjoyed it so much we had to do it twice.

We didn't get too many pictures, but I thought the ones we got were really good.

I am so glad we are starting our own Easter traditions. Easter is such a hard and bittersweet day for all of the family...we lost Julia just a couple of hours after Easter dinner six years ago. So while it is a day of celebration, it is also the days our lives changed forever. Seeing the joy on my children's faces helped make Easter the day of joy it should be.

05 April 2010

Libby Paige!

We seem to be using the middle name a lot lately with our twenty month old. While as sweet and happy as can be, she can also be the most ornery, stubborn and defiant little thing ever. In other words, everything Evan is not.

I have never really worried about Evan doing something he shouldn't do...because I know he won't do it. However, I am going to have to step it up for the little miss.

Today, I hear Evan yelling at me to get to the bathroom quick. I was just in the next room putting away laundry. As I came around the corner, this is what I saw:

Matt had worked on this wall ALL weekend. He had shut the door but when Evan went in there to do his business, he didn't know he needed the shut the door when he was finished.

It was impossible to get on to her. She was so proud of her work of art.