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24 September 2007

We did it!!

The 2007 golf tournament was a major success. We made right at $10,000!! That is $2,000 better than last year. It is so overwhelming to think that when we started the scholarship right after Julia's death, our goal was to have $5, that by the time Rachel was a senior we would still be giving out a scholarship. Well, almost four years later, we have given away seven scholarships and we now have $28,000!!! We are so blessed to have family and friends that have made this happen. And I guess we are all blessed to have been so touched by Julia that this scholarship means so much to all of us.

I bet Jules is in complete awe that all of this is because of HER!! But she always got over her modesty pretty quickly!

21 September 2007


is the big day. The golf tournament is finally here and everything is finished! I always stress out but yet, everything just falls in place. I will post some pictures tomorrow and hopefully have the final tally!

Evan got a new car. It is the cutest thing to see him driving it. He walks over, gets in, shuts the door and starts waving bye bye. Then he proceeds to go in reverse!


12 September 2007


Literally. I have laryngitis today. I feel much better though and Evan has been an absolute sweetheart yesterday and today. Just very sweet and tender and letting his Mom rest. I really thought he would be climbing the walls by this evening but he is just playing contentedly in his room.

Today when I was just watching him play, I just thought of how incredibly blessed I am . Sometimes it just hits me like a load of bricks and I am in awe at how wonderful my life is. Not to say that we don't have our trials from time to time (because those who know me know that I have had more than my fair share!), but the overall picture is just remarkable. I have the whole package...thank you God!!!!!


02 September 2007

From my sweet friend, Crystal.

Hallmark always says it best!