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29 September 2008

Crazy Kids

Evan's friend, Elaina, came over to play last week. They decided it would be funny to make silly faces as I took pictures...

And here is a sweet picture of Miss Libby...

Bear With Me

I am assuming if you read this blog, you think my children are at least somewhat adorable. So you guys are just going to have to let me be a mom and share some of the hilarous conversations that Evan has been having lately. This kid cracks me up!!
~ ~ ~
Today, we were at the vet for Dexter's shots and the nurse (is that what they are called in the pet world??) asked if Evan had a baby sister. He just looked at her and said "No, Mom had it."
~ ~ ~
"Mmmm, sure is tasty" when drinking his daily chocolate milk.
~ ~ ~
We were at my parent's house and Evan was cleaning the kitchen floor with the Swiffer and used all of the cleaning fluid. He then announced he needed to buy more. So I asked him if he had any money. He said, "No, but Nana does." This kid is smart.
~ ~ ~
"Mom, are you happy? I berry happy!"
~ ~ ~
At my parent's house, he was riding his tricycle through the house. Dad stepped outside and as Evan noticed he was gone, he announced "I lost Pa!"
~ ~ ~
As Libby was crying today, he starts running towards her yelling, "I'm right here, Libby. I. am. right. here."
~ ~ ~
Watching cartoons this morning, an advertisement came on for a new "Cars" toy. Evan says, "You need to go to the store and buy that. Mommy, not Santa Claus."
~ ~ ~
"God bless you, Mom"

26 September 2008


I almost forgot to mention the highlight of my night...

Jim proposed to Pam!!

Night Shift

Well, I am up with a very, very fussy baby girl. As long as I am holding her, she is somewhat content so I thought I would catch up on my blogging.

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about Miss Libby. She is actually a very good baby and we have had only a handful of rough nights. But today the poor girl woke up with a swollen eye and it is very watery. Per our pediatrician, I have been giving her benedryl(which she promptly spits out so I actually don't know how much she is getting) in case it is "just" allergies but it still looks pretty bad. I guess this can also be a symptom of an ear infection and I am kind of thinking that may be the case since she is now so fussy. So I am going to go ahead and take her in for an appointment in the morning.

Last Friday, Libby had her first trip to the zoo. I had a dentist appointment in the morning so when school let out, Evan, Libby, Rachel, Mom and I headed out to Mohawk. I had kind of hoped Libby would sleep but she actually let my mom carry her almost the entire time and she loved it. And Evan had a great time showing off for Rachel, or as he lovingly calls her, Ray-chew. I did have my camera with me but I forgot to take any pictures. Poor second baby!! I might have to recreate the experience for her photo that bad??

Oh, Libby's asleep! But just for the record, Evan has really cut back on his "no, stop, don't" usage. He has kindly replaced it with "not yet."

16 September 2008

Don't, No, Stop

These are the words I am hearing more and more everyday. I guess the terrible two's are finally attacking.

Yesterday, Evan was in the best mood and just being so sweet. He read to Libby and just kept kissing on her. He would not only tell me he loved me but that he loved me very much. Today is a different story. Nothing makes him happy and he wants everyone to suffer just as much as he does. Please, please tell me this is a phase!!

13 September 2008


Ten things Evan has said to me today:

1. Mom, get back here.
2. I go to Tulsa. I'm just playing.
3. Mom, I need brownies.
4. Calm down baby!
5. No diaper change. I am fine. Thank you.
6. Weir Dad go?
7. I wake Libby up. Her eyes are open now.
8. Come back and see me.
9. Mom, I need brownies and my tape measure.
10. I love you Mom.

12 September 2008

Say Cheese!

Monday was Libby's one month check up with the pediatrician. She now weighs 8.13 lbs and is measuring 21 inches. Both put her in the 50%! It doesn't really surprise me...she eats like there is no tomorrow. Her hips also are right where they are supposed to be. I had been a bit nervous because she still had those frog legs at four weeks (which is caused by her being breech). However, they really started straightening out last week and the doctor says that for now, everything looks good!

Today, I arranged for Wil, a photographer, to come to our house to take Libby's one-month photos and to attempt to get a couple of pictures of both Evan and Libby together. It was a disaster, at least in terms of results. Evan followed Wil around the entire session with his "Nemo" camera. And everytime Wil took a shot, Evan took one also. So you can just imagine when it was time for Evan to get in the pictures. I don't know why I have two kids that seem to hate being photographed. The actual pictures turned out so badly that Wil didn't even charge me the entire sitting fee...hopefully at least one picture turns out so I can have Libby's birth announcements made.

07 September 2008

My Turn!

Well, I am finally getting the chance to post. Not only do I lose my husband during football season, I apparently lose the right to internet due to fantasy football!

This weekend was the third annual golf tournament to raise money for Julia's scholarship. It kind of snuck up on me because I didn't help organize it at all this year due to my pregnancy. But from what I can tell, it was an absolute success due to all of the wonderful friends and family that turned out.

Evan went early with my mom so he could help out (that is a very big thing to him these days...he loves to help) but I didn't show up until 11 am. It was kind of cool and had rained, which was perfect weather for the golfers but I wanted to let it warm up before I took Libby out. We still made it in time to see Matt accept the prize for SECOND PLACE!! His team actually tied for first but due to the tie-breaker, they were awarded second. Either way, I think it is awesome and I am very proud of Matt!

It is late and I need to go to bed but I can't resist adding a couple of pictures of the kiddos...

Libby in her fancy dress.

I told Evan to look handsome for me and this is what I got. I think he's got it down!

Evan was so tired after the tournament but didn't want to take a nap. He finally went up to Nana, put his head on her shoulder and whispered, "I am so tired". He then fell asleep sitting up. It was so sweet!

01 September 2008

More Pictures

Better Late Than Never...

Miss Elizabeth Paige is here!

Libby arrived on August 4th at 10:36 am. Even though she was a preemie, she still weighed in at 6 lbs 4 oz and was 19 3/4 inches long!

I feel terrible that this post is coming as she turns one month old but we will celebrate by posting some pictures of the little one!

Such a proud daddy!

Because Libby had jaundice, she had to be supplemented. Matt took care of all the supplemental feedings...a huge feat because it took infinite amounts of patience!

What a great big brother!

The little lady.

This makes my heart melt!

Our new little family.

So with the arrival of Libby, I am more anxious than ever to really document her and Evan as they are growing up. Everyday Evan surprises me with his funny observations and sweet ways and I am terrified I am going to forget them. The baby book thing just doesn't really work for me so here is hoping that I finally start using this blog regularly and use it to capture all of my favorite memories!