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21 September 2009

Decisions, Decisions

Libby has recently decided diapers may not be her thing...

You can strap 'em on but if she can figure out a way, she would prefer to streak around!! Since we were planning on playing in the sand, I let her go outside in just her diaper. It wasn't a minute after I took off her clothes, she had the diaper off too! I have said it before but this girl has me worried!


Libby prefers big brother's toys to her own. She also prefers to go around sans clothes.

19 September 2009

Family Ambitions

If you know Matt at all, then you know that his goal every single summer is to have the most beautiful lawn on the block. Now he's got the kids (and even the dog!) in on the action...

We are very lucky to live in a neighborhood where most of the lawns look really great, but I have to say Matt's efforts have really paid off! We were easily one of the top two!!

03 September 2009

My Poor, Poor Dogs

This is what they have to contend with...

01 September 2009

Preparing For Fall...

This post might earn me "Worst Mother of the Year" award. But this blog is supposed to document our here ya go. Yesterday morning, as we were getting ready for school, Libby decided to take a stroll out of her bedroom. I saw her out of the corner of my eye and told the little devil no...very emphatically. My perfectly obedient child took that as a dare and took off. For a new walker, she is very sure footed and very, very fast. My mistake, my huge mistake, was running towards her. This was a mistake because she then thought we were playing a game of chase and Libby just ran faster. Right to the stairs. It seriously felt like ten minutes of watching her fall, but it only took an instant. It was absolutely my worst nightmare and one I worked so hard to prevent by NEVER going upstairs without shutting us in a room. It was honestly the first time I had not shut the door all the way since she has been mobile.

I have no idea who was wailing later, me or Libby. It was just absolutely terrible. I was fairly she was (miraculously) okay but she was just crying so hard and I was so worried about head injuries and possibly her ribs. I called Matt and even though I am pretty sure he had no idea what I was blubbering about, he came straight home. A quick trip to the ER confirmed she was fine and by the end of her exam, she was laughing and charming everyone who came by. They warned us she would probably have some severe bruising and black eyes but I felt so, so blessed that was all she would suffer.

Matt took the rest of the day off and we headed to Tulsa to purchase the now essential upper baby gate. We decided to treat the kids (because I definitely don't consider it a treat) to Casa Bonita. They had such a great time and it was wonderful to spend the day together...even under the circumstances.

And Libby's fall is a true testament to the power of prayer. I notified the school of the accident and a prayer chain began. Libby had bright red contusions right after the fall and a couple of raised bumps. These were supposed to turn black. By the end of the day, THEY WERE GONE!! Libby fell down 16 hardwood steps and did not have a bump or bruise when she could have suffered a mortal injury. Thank you GOD!!!

Everyone was amazed and gave praise to God. They were filled with awe and said, "We have seen remarkable things today." Luke 5:26