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25 February 2009

At It Again

This morning, when I uploaded my pictures, I had 38 surprises taken by my own personal photographer.

Here are a few of my favorites...

Just Feed Me

Today, while Evan is at school, I was trying to have a little one on one time with Miss Libby. I was feeding her a morning snack and trying to have a meaningful conversation. At first she was cooperating. Then, I started getting this face every single time I opened my mouth:

I would feed her and get this expression:

I think she may be trying to tell me something here.

23 February 2009

No, She's Not

Libby was being so fussy this morning (which unfortunately is the mood she favors lately) and I said, "Oh Libby is being a grumpy girl."

Evan quickly responded, "No Mama!! No, she's not! Libby is just a pretty girl."

What a sweetheart!!

14 February 2009

Good Looker

Today, I was looking everywhere for my keys and Evan noticed me looking around. He asked what I was looking for and said, "I help you, Mom! I a good looker!"

This is funny enough on its own but what makes it truly funny is the fact Evan is NOT a "good looker". Last week, he came in with his blue coffee mug in hand. He asked me, "Where is my blue cup?" I kind of looked at him and the blue cup and I decided he was trying to be funny. So I just ignored him but he starts asking me again. I finally ask him if he means the one that he is holding. With a look of bewilderment and then triumph, he shouts, "I found it!!!"

12 February 2009

Tell Me Why

I woke up today with laryngitis. I knew it was coming and I knew Evan would not like it. Finally, after about an hour of listening to me bark, Evan put his hands on his hips and demanded, "Mom, tell me why you are being so mean to me!! This is just awful!"


This is the answer I get almost anytime I ask Evan to do anything. Wait...sometimes I get a "Whatever, Mom".

He is only two!!!!!!!

03 February 2009


All bundled up...

Daddy and Evan playing in the snow

And of course, I had to add a picture of the little Miss even though she didn't get to play out in the snow!

Last week, we had an ice storm. Normally, this sort of thing doesn't bother me much because I just don't get out in it. Especially with the two little ones. But this time, Evan had a doctor appointment in Tulsa that we had been waiting for for almost five months. Since the storm wasn't supposed to hit until the afternoon, we decided to try and make it. Unfortunately, it started icing up on our way back and what is normally a 45 minute drive took three hours!!! It was awful and I have never been so mad at myself for having my babies out in such a mess. They were real troopers though. Evan only asked five times why we weren't going up the hill and Libby never cried even though it was time for her to eat again.

Believe me, the only time you will see us out in yucky weather will be in our yard!

02 February 2009


I absolutely love this picture of Evan because, if you click on it to enlarge it, the heterochromia in his right eye shows up very clearly. Actually so does his breakfast around the mouth...but just try to overlook that.

When the heterochromia first started appearing, I was so worried about it. I have spent some time researching it and talking to the pediatrician about possible causes (if you read the linked article you will see that sometimes heterochromia is an indictator of some diseases, but clearly Evan does not have any of them). Now, I see it is just a part of Evan and it has actually become one of my favorite features. It is extremely uncommon and I think it just proves how unique my little guy is!!