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04 August 2008

Libby-Lou is Two!!

Poor girl didn't get a proper party with invites and a cake...but she did have an awesome day that included wonderful friends, pizza at the Hideaway, cookies and some presents perfect for a little diva! Also on the schedule was some jump time at BounceU, but the birthday girl was partied out and slept through the entire thing!

Next year...this girl is getting a celebration!!!!!

03 August 2008

Another Update

I am finally getting around to making another update. Let me tell is so difficult to be on bedrest and have no access to my computer. I keep thinking of all the things I could be taking care of but Grandma isn't technologically up to date. Oh well...I need to just be resolved to the fact that I will NEVER be caught up again.

Anyway, today is Evan's last day of being an only child. My c-section is scheduled tomorrow morning, August 4. The baby is still breech even though my fluids have increased to relatively normal levels in the last two weeks.

When I went in for my scan on Thursday, the levels looked so promising that my doctor considered trying to wait at least a few more days before delivering and I was so excited. As much as I am not enjoying being pregnant right now, I would love for the baby to have a few more days to grow. However, I have been having contractions for over four weeks now and they are steadily getting stronger. And when my doctor checked my cervix...I was dilated to a four! I am honestly surprised I made it through the weekend to 36 weeks but I feel better about scheduling her delivery knowing that she was going to come early no matter what.

Hopefully by the end of the week, we will all be home and I will have some pictures to share with everyone!

For are a few recent pictures of my little trooper. I know the last month has been really difficult for Evan. We have been shuffled between houses and he hasn't seen nearly enough of his dad. But he hasn't complained at all and in fact has been a real joy during this difficult time. He is talking non stop and has the craziest imagination. I know he's my kid and all...but I am truly impressed at the things he thinks of!

And I don't have a picture but Evan did the cutest thing last night. He came into the living room with one of my tank tops hanging from his neck like a cape. He put his hands on his hips and said "Mommy, I am SUPER!"

If he only knew how super he really is....I love that kid!