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29 June 2010

Libby's First Trip to the Kiddie Park

Actually, it isn't her first trip...but it was her first turn to ride. I thought she would love it but she actually didn't seem too interested. She rode a few,was very ho-hum about the entire experience and then she was finished. But we were with our best friends, the Schelands, so we had a great time. They are getting ready to leave town for a couple of weeks so we are trying to spend lots and lots of time with them so maybe we won't miss them so much!

27 June 2010

A Leisurely Ride

with our friends, John Hayden, Andrew and Will.

25 June 2010

Uh oh! What is that?

Is that Spider-Man?

Looks like he got tangled up in a big web!

22 June 2010

Technique is Everything

We are going to have to work on mascara application!

20 June 2010

A Day In the Life of a Drama Queen

How can a day that started out so great

end like this??

17 June 2010


is a good word for Libby. She decided to wear this headband to school and insisted on wearing it all day long! She is definitely going to have her own sense of style.

15 June 2010

You've Got A Friend In Me

This is Andrew. He is Evan's best friend.

Actually, Evan calls him his brother. He could play with Andrew every day and to my knowledge, they have never gotten into any kind of argument or confrontation. Evan makes up stories and songs that include Andrew. He writes Andrew letters. Every time we go somewhere, he asks if Andrew is going to be there. And he is devastated that since Andrew has an October birthday, he has to move on to big boy school and leave his best friend behind. I think Evan and Andrew are really good for each other, a bit of a case of opposites attract. Andrew has really helped push Evan out of his shell and has given him a little confidence boost. Evan has mentioned more than once that he likes school because Andrew is there to help him. I really believe this is a true friendship and I don't know how often that happens in the preschool days.

We love these little guy and his family. We feel so blessed that God sent the Schelands to Oklahoma and into our lives!!!

13 June 2010

Another Day at the Zoo

I have probably mentioned it before (and surely you have noticed), we go to the zoo all. the. time. We have a family membership so I feel like we can go and kill a couple of hours and not feel like we have to see the whole zoo. We usually just pick three or four animals that we really want to see (Evan always picks the chimps and lions and I always pick the giraffe so those three are just given at this point. But once in a while, we like to shake things up and add something new to the mix.

We went with our friend Elaina so we had to do the monkey photo op...

And I always have to try to get at least one good photo of Libby having a good time...

But today was the first time Evan has EVER ridden one of our zoo friends...

I was so proud of the little guy because this is a little out of his comfort zone. And he was so proud of himself. He loved that he got to ride on a bible animal!!

10 June 2010


After celebrating Evan's birthday (for what is hopefully the last time because he is starting to count on month long festivities), we headed to Bricktown.

We stayed at the Hampton Inn...with a indoor splash pad! It was so fun!

Checking out the room

Splash time!

The next morning, we were up and exploring. Although Matt and I have been to Bricktown dozens of times, it was really fun to do all the touristy things Evan wanted to do!

On the canal...

Waiting to begin the touristy boat ride...

Still waiting...

Evan took a ton of pictures while we were on the tour:

Touristy? Yes. But we actually learned a lot and saw a few things new in Bricktown!

Just Because...

she is so stinkin' cute!!

08 June 2010


The bait is ready

Casting the line

Patiently waiting

OOH! What's that??

Evan got a fish!!

Libby Had Fun Too!!