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29 December 2008

Thank Goodness!!

Tonight, we got the exersaucer down from the attic and plopped Libby in. And she LOVED it!!!

Evan would never stay in it for more than a minute or two (seriously!) so this is heaven for me! And the best part is that it seems to keep Evan occupied also...

{Watching that again makes me think that is a little mean. But it is too funny not to share!!}

27 December 2008


This month's dose of Evanisms:

E: You've got on a blue shirt.
Mom: Yes, I do
E: You look very cute.
Mom: Thanks, you look cute too.
E: I not cute...I Evan
Mommy, you sing nicer than Daddy.
Mommy, you're driving me nuts!
Oh, gosh. I sure made a mess!
During a tantrum at bedtime (and no one metioned the word crazy, I promise!): "I am not crazy! I not!"
Upon opening Christmas presents: "This is the best party ever!"
How cool is that?
No thank you, Honey. No. Thank. You.
On Libby: "He is so cute. I love him."
Shut the door. ALL THE WAY. No, crack it. No, I want it shut all the way!

Christmas Day At Home

26 December 2008

Christmas Eve

Libby and Grandma in their holiday attire.

"I am burning up!"

Libby and Aunt Dianna

Evan, Rachel and Aunt Feather

Feeling very important with his new laptop

Evan's first guitar

Dad and Libby

Our best attempt at the family photo

A very sleepy dad and a wide awake Libby

23 December 2008


This is the scene I came across this afternoon. I asked Evan if he had opened one of his presents. He proudly replied, "Yes!! I got a rocket!!"

22 December 2008



Who knew a popsicle could be so terrifying??

17 December 2008

Holiday Pictures

Our goal was to have family pictures taken for this year's holiday cards. But for a multitude of reasons, it just didn't happen. Last week, in desperation to get cards out, I pleaded with Evan to take a good picture with his sister. I was pretty much expecting the worst, but I still tried to explain to him how important it was to me. Well, he did an excellent job and even Libby cooperated. I have the greatest kids!!!

15 December 2008

Winter Wonderland

Friday night, we took the kids to the Wonderland of Lights at Woolaroc. Evan and Libby got to visit with Santa and we took a little tour through the museum. Evan really enjoyed the museum this time around, especially the Indian villages and the horse wagon exhibits. I think each time we go, he is going to show even more interest. There were thousands of lights on the grounds so it was really beautiful. But our favorite part was when we were leaving. The Holiday Horseman was absolutely gorgeous. An Indian warrior riding his horse, outlined in white lights. I know I am not doing it any justice (and we didn't get a picture) but trust me, it was stunning!

Not really sure what to think of this guy...

She knew how to get on Santa's good side...just look cute.

I am pretty sure you are NOT supposed to play on this 150 year old wagon.

Taking a little break.

Finally warming up to the old guy...

12 December 2008

A Cat, A Dog & A Mouse

I have since figured out that Evan was talking about the movie Bolt.

10 December 2008

Evan's New Hobby

Not bad for a two year old!!

05 December 2008

No Smiles Today...

but doesn't she look cute??

Can you believe she is four months old???

Christmas Cookies

04 December 2008

Libby is four months old!

Libby had her four month check up and she is absolutely perfect...except I already knew that!! Here are her measurements (and I added Evan's just for fun!).

Length: 25 inches 75%
Weight: 13 lbs. 3.5 oz 50%

Length: 26 1/4 inches 90%
Weight: 17 lbs. 9.5 oz 95%

On The Move

It's official...Libby rolled over for the first time this morning! Of course, I didn't get a picture or get it on video...

But here is a picture of the little sweetie a little after her major accomplishment:

03 December 2008


Well, it has been such a blessing (and I know YOUR prayers were the answer) but Evan is really enjoying school. No more tears when I drop him off, just a little lip quiver. We started out just doing half days and gradually worked up to a full day.

I am so glad we stuck with it. I can really see how much he is gaining from his school days. He has his "ABCs" down (which he was never interested in learning with me) and is coming home singing new songs and full of news from the day.

I think the biggest benefit school can offer is teaching Evan to interact with other children. Evan is a really bright little boy but when it came to playing with others, he just didn't have a clue. I think that just comes with the territory of being the first born and hanging out with mom all day long. But even after just a few days at school, I notice him actually playing with the other kids!

So thanks so much for the prayers...God is listening :)

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