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30 July 2009

Eyes Wide Open

I walked in to check on Evan while he was napping and this is what I found....

Sound asleep. Snoring. Looking right at me. I would be lying if I said it didn't freak me out just a little bit!

22 July 2009

Super Star

She definitely felt like a star, riding the big girl bike around.

20 July 2009

A Trio of Monkeys

This week, Crystal and I got the kiddos together and met up at the zoo. It was so much fun to catch up with Crys and spend the day getting to know Cate, Addison and Luke better. They live less than an hour away but we still don't get to see them often enough. Crystal and I have a ton of history together (we were college/post-college roommates) so we are really hoping that our kids are second generation friends. Especially since they will all be at OK State at the same time. Ha!!

17 July 2009

Happy Birthday To Me!!

Guess who picked this cake out??

Evan was so excited about the cake that he actually told me about it a couple of days before my birthday. I loved that he picked it out...and it was so, so good!!!

11 July 2009

Potty Training

We started potty training the day after Evan turned three and it has been going somewhat well. After the first week, I don't think he's had a single accident...except when it comes to poop. So, so frustrating. And then this is what I found the other day when I left him on the potty and told him not to get up:

He never got up, but scooted the chair out of the bathroom and all the way over to the bookshelf. I thought it was pretty funny and really whatever keeps him on that potty is fine with me.

It is difficult to not get really frustrated because I know he is such a smart kid and I don't know why he has such a hang up on this. It has been almost two months and I really don't think we have made much progress. Since he isn't one hundred percent potty trained, I can not put Evan in the three year old preschool class, even though that is really where he should be. According to his teacher, he is definitely ahead of most of the other children, especially with language skills. So, he will stay with the young three year olds in the child enrichment program. Next year, we can decide to move him to either three year old preschool OR four year old preschool. Mentally, he is definitely ready for preschool but maturity wise...not so much. You never know what difference a year will make though.

Here are a couple of other cute pictures of my two loves...

06 July 2009

Libby's Baptism

Such an exciting day!! Libby was baptized at Holy Family. Father Matt, who has been a tremendous influence on us as we are embracing our Catholic faith, graciously came from Cushing to perform the ceremony. Lots of friends and family were present and we were so honored to share such an important day with all of you. It was especially wonderful that my Aunt Gayle (Aunt Granny to the kiddos) was there from Texas and took these excellent pictures and made the most gorgeous cake. There is no way we could have bought a cake that beautiful.

Here are some pictures from the ceremony:

Click here to view these pictures larger

04 July 2009

More Fourth Fun!!

On the fourth, we always head out to Mike and Di's. It is always a great time and they put on the best show. I mean, who could forget Matt setting the neighbor's yard on fire (right by the propane tank) and then not five minutes later setting Rachel's pants on fire? And this year...they had the biggest fireworks yet. It was especially fun because Monica was in town and they came out. It was great to hang out with Anna and Addison. Swimming+ good food+ great people= FUN!!

03 July 2009

Fourth of July Fun

The shopping center where Matt's clinic is located has a 4th of July festival every year. It is really fun and a great way to start the holiday. This year the fireworks show was a little shorter than usual...but it was still a great time!

02 July 2009

It is the simple things...

For whatever reason, Evan pushing Libby in a stroller was the most fun these kiddos had all day!

01 July 2009

Playing at Grandma's

I don't why every time I leave her at my Grandma's, she ends up without her top on.