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31 January 2010

Winter Blast!

Getting Ready...

Preparing for Libby's snow debut! And Evan is so excited to show her "how it works!"

Not going to stray too far away from stationary objects...

Tangled up in dad's rigged up sled. And yes, that is weedeater string. It didn't work.

29 January 2010

At It Again...

I threw the markers away today.

26 January 2010

Behind the Scenes

This might qualify me as the meanest momma ever. Not only did I video my daughter having the worst temper tantrum of her life...I am sharing it for all to see. These are only snippet and not the worst parts. The tantrum actually lasted for almost an hour. And the reason? She wanted to go outside in 35 degree weather at 7pm.

22 January 2010

Uh Oh!!

Last night, we decided to bake a cake. Since I am not completely crazy and there is no way I am baking a cake from scratch with assistance from two children, we went digging in the pantry. The only cake mix was for a Red Velvet cake (which happens to be my very favorite). After mixing it all up and sticking it in the oven, I let the kids lick the spoons. I think this is the first time I have let Libby near the least at my house. And guess what? She loved it!!

But there is some sad news to report...Libby had a reaction to the red dye! That poor girl was as red as a beet and you could tell she was itchy. I felt so bad for her. And a little bad for myself because obviously I can't have Red Velvet cake around if Libby can't partake.

I am glad I finally figured out what was causing her to react to certain foods. The biggest culprit seemed to be Chinese food, so I was wondering if she had an intolerance to soy, peanuts or MSG. But a lot of the Chinese sauces have a red dye in them. So, mystery solved!

20 January 2010

We Were A Little Bored Today...

Actually, I don't think we ever get bored. But we have been in the house so much lately since it has been so stinkin' cold and we were kind of tired of our usual activities. I thought it would be fun to let the kiddos go crazy with the "washable" markers and it was a huge hit. They had a blast and it came right off!

I wonder if I will still think it was a great idea when they beg to do it every single day!

16 January 2010

Already Trying To Sneak Out...

this girl is going to be nothing but trouble!

15 January 2010

Good News...

Evan is cavity free! Today was our second visit with the dentist and Evan did great. He had x-rays taken and his teeth cleaned and examined. And he handled it like a pro.

To celebrate, we headed out to the aquarium*. I will be the first to admit, I really dread taking my kids out at the same time right now. The grocery store, the library, a restaurant, church. The thought just gives me tremors of fear. Evan is so predictable but you just never know how things are going to go with Libby. She can be an angel one minute and in the blink of an absolute terror**!

But I put on my badge of courage and off we went. I had so much fun and my little ones loved it. Evan had to check out every single creature and was so upset he forgot his camera***. Libby loved all of the hands-on exhibits and actually may now be on some kind of aquarium terrorist list.

I only got a couple of pictures...I didn't bring in the stroller and I just couldn't take my eyes off of Libby even for a second (I learned this after picture #2).

Evan actually got this picture when I held him up so he could get a good look. He is a better photographer than me! I chose to be proud rather than humbled of this fact.

*If you go to the aquarium's website and print off the Show Your Smile certificate, you can take your kiddo for free!!

**I have to give Libby props here...we have done all of these activites in the last week and she has done great. Maybe we are in the clear??

***Evan got a camera for Christmas and he loves it. I am going to do a post of his photography from his own camera soon!

10 January 2010

That's My Girl...

I would be the most content if my children grew up to be the kind of people who think decorating consists mostly of building enough bookshelves. ~Anna Quindlen

07 January 2010

Love it!!!

Evan took a picture of his "special" eye today!! And then he had me take one also to see if I could get a better picture...oh, how this little guy melts my heart!!

03 January 2010

All By Myself...

And a little video to show how much she loved it!!